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Why do you write? Do you have confidence issues when it comes to writing? Writing every day can help erase those confidence issues then build up your confidence and learn to write better. These prompts come from a variety of challenges so it doesn't matter what genre you write in. You'll get to experience all kinds of genres. If you haven't picked a genre, this might be the time to find what genre you like best.

Self-discipline is important to writing as well. Throughout the challenges I'll be available via e-mail and texting to help you with your challenges.

I'll also assess your completed challenges and provide feedback to help you see where you may need to improve. With feedback, you can return to your writing improved and as a better writer.

I do more than offer you a writing challenge, I offer you a writing coach. We can increase your writing confidence. We can help you find ways to write in the life you have, instead of changing your life for your writing. I'll gently push you until you make writing your number one goal.

Writing Success will be your number one goal!

30 Day Writing Challenge- 30 days
This is a way of getting you to write something every day. You can write about anything, something, whatever, the purpose is to get you writing better. To be more productive and be able to manage your writing  goals. So, write something every day. It doesn't have to be a large writing project. You can write something every day on the same project, a goal of your choice, or I will provide writing prompts for you. Your choice.

Project Goal 6 Month Challenge- 6 Months
Write your novel in six months. With my motivation and goal setting and your writing skills and determination, you can write your novel in six months

Be a Better Writer - 3 months
Give me three months, some writing exercises, resources, and your writing abilities. Together we can make you a better writer in three months.

Short Story Challenge - 12 weeks
Pick a genre. Pick a theme. Pick a setting. Pick a Point of View (POV.) Add some characters. Add a little conflict. Add plenty of dialogue. Stir well. Then create.

Each week turn in what you have written to your coach for assessment. You'll receive an assessment report and as always feel free to text or e-mail your coach for help.

At the end of 12 weeks we'll have an awesome short story ready for you to submit.

Dream Challenge - 4 weeks
Place a pad of paper or journal and pen beside your bed. Every morning - or if you wake during the night from a dream - write as much as you can remember from your previous dream. Try to fill in as many details as possible.

Send your dream writing to your coach that day and it will be evaluated and sent back that day.

The purpose of this challenge is to get you paying attention to detail and developing your recall writing.

Keep a dream folder on your computer and type in your word documents each day before sending to your coach.

If you didn't dream the night before, or can't remember dreaming, that's fine. Don't push. Don't think you are not doing well, or that you are failing as a writer. Dreams come and go. Just like ideas. Get used to that. Remember to catch a dream or an idea the moment it arrives, so that you'll have something solid to read and work from later.

Memoir Writing

Have you ever thought about writing down the amazing, exciting, and even difficult struggles you survived to become the person you are?  We can take it slow and test the waters, just to see if you're capable of handling the emotions that surface when you dredge up past events. There are various options you can use that will help you guide you through the process of creating a memoir. Don't worry, I'll be right there, holding your hand all the way.

Late Blooming Writer Challenge 3 - 6 months

Are you over fifty (shhh, I promise not to tell) and want to get started on writing your life story but don’t know where to start? Why not start here? I can help you get out the words and help you put them in the right order for a gift to your loved ones. It will take us approximately three – six months depending on your abilities to finish your sliver of a life story. What a great gift for your loved ones. And you will have succeeded at writing at the grand old age of Shhhh.. I’m not telling.

Which challenge are you interested in?

Contact Your Writing Coach today at coach@vickimtaylor.com

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