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Vicki M. Taylor is an expressive writing therapy coach, speaker, author, blogger, and writing craft coach. She is a business owner who finds it rewarding to help others find ways to heal past life challenges.

Vicki spent fifteen years in the corporate world writing computer user manuals and training others to use computer systems. She left after a life-threatening illness that put her on six-months bed rest gave her the courage to make a change of her life, write fiction, and begin the path to helping others.

Helping others is sometimes a thankless job. But, Vicki realizes being a servant of God, she can help other people make their dreams come true. Vicki supports people recovering from, or living through a range of tough personal challenges with self-guided workshops. She developed this way to help others let go of past traumas and live more joyful lives.

Vicki is a frequent speaker on the craft of writing. Speaking to writing groups and writing conferences are her favorite way to help writers become the best they can be.

Vicki is the author of 12 novels and novellas ranging from mystery to romantic suspense to women’s inspirational drama.

Vicki lives in Florida with her husband, American Eskimo dog, and Sun Conure parrot.

Don't take my word for it, Others have something to say about Succeed At Writing, Your Writing Coach and Vicki M. Taylor :


"I am working on my first manuscript and Vicki has been invaluable in helping me understand and apply point of view, active voice, unnecessary words, and other principles on the craft of writing ... She has a soft, guiding style that is positive, not critical."


"Vicki Taylor helped my writing grow by kangaroo leaps. She guided my work from editor's nightmare to polished manuscript in just a few months. Vicki offered helpful suggestions at my skill level, along with encouragement and inspiration. We tackled the basic new writer mistakes: passive verbs, telling/not showing, and overuse of adverbs and adjectives. When I was ready, Vicki attacked point of view issues, boring narratives, and the finer details of grammar. Later, we dealt with character development, plot, dialogue, and pacing. Now, I'm ready to research literary agents. Vicki's experience with her own publications will help me write an intriguing query letter and synopsis. I'm confident my novel will not be tossed in an agent's slush pile due to Vicki's help. I'd recommend her service to any writer seeking guidance."


"I worked closely with Vicki when she was President of Florida Writers Association. I found her to be a delightful person, an excellent writer and a highly competent administrator."
-- Doug Dillon


"I met Vicki through an organization of "mature" woman professionals called "Boomer Diva Nation". She is a warm and caring individual and I guess that's what helps make her such a talented writer. her ability to "press through" any difficulty she may experience is phenomenal. No problem giving her five stars."

-- Debra Stokes


"I have known Vicki for over ten years. We are two of the five founding members of the Florida Writers Association. She is not only a talented writer, but she is also an honest, dedicated, hard working and sincere person."
-- Weslynn Mccallister


"I always enjoy reading Vicki's perspectives on coping with ourselves and others. It helps me manage how I handle my personal relationships."

-- Adriana Monti

"Vicki is honest, sincere, and a great human being. I always enjoy interacting with her as an electronic friend and advisor. She's caring and professional and warm."
-- Bonnie Lemke

"Vicki uses her own experiences and is always researching the subject. She provides useful information and always bring food for thought to the table."
-- Carmen Hayes


"Vicki is compassionate and dedicated. She's a wonderful writer, and her passion for her subject shows." 
-- Sandra Coburn


"Vicki is one of the most wonderful people I have ever known. She is loyal, honest, and a very talented author."
-- Dmaria Scaglione


"I went to school with Vicki and she was a model student. She always helped me when I needed it. Always thorough and complete in what she does."
-- Terri Jepsen

Vicki Taylor not only coaches writers, she does it with the loving care that counts when writers need nurturing. ~ Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of the multi award-winning HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers, http://howtodoitfrugally.com


I reached out to Vicki late one night as I’ve been considering various marketing options for my western historical romance series. Her reply was in my Inbox the following morning! She provided several ideas I found quite useful and plan to implement. Vicki is a great resource for authors. Shirleen Davies, http://www.amazon.com/author/shirleendavies

Vicki is insightful and very helpful. I met her at a writer's conference and she knows what she is talking about. I highly recommend Vicki." -- Author Tory Lynn 

I met Vicki on FB and haven't met her personally, however, I did read a book she wrote several years ago and it was very good! She seems like a wonderful person!!! I would love to meet her someday!" -- Diana Jager 

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If you want to reach me, contact Vicki at coach@vickimtaylor.com

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