Coming Soon: Online Courses

Creative Writing Online Courses & Journaling Courses Will Be Available Soon.

What is the advantage of taking Online Courses?

  • You can take these courses in the privacy of your own home. 
  • You can take them when it's convenient for you.
  • Once downloaded, you will always have access to your course information.
  • They offer people an opportunity for self-expression. 

I also offer workshops to writing groups. I want you to know that my online and offline courses are aimed at people who have never written before, people who have started to write, but are stuck, and people who are looking to hone their writing skills. 

Do you know if Creative Writing Online Courses are right for you?

Here is an Evaluation & Quiz for you to help determine Why You Want to Write.

People write for various reasons.  Is there a right or wrong reason to write? Not really.

How does it make you feel when you say, “my book,”?

Are you scared? Nervous? Anxious? Excited? Ready to go? Overwhelming?

All of those things and more?


No matter how or what you feel, I am here for you. I am your Coach, and I am going to help you get through whatever you are going through to work on your writing project.

You have a book inside you.

My job is to get that book out.

It’s not a scary monster. A book is just an expression of ideas.  A combination of words and sentences that when put together mean something to you. And, hopefully, will mean something to your reader.

We are going to work together to get your book out and into a form that will work easiest for you and be the best form for your readers.

How does that sound so far?

Not scary, right?


So, let’s get back to my original question. Why do you want to write a book?

Let’s start making a list of all the reasons you have for wanting to write a book. Get out your Writer’s Notebook and find a blank page. It should be near the front, as we’re just starting, right?

  • Write at the top of your page the following, “REASONS I WANT TO WRITE A BOOK”
  • Then start numbering down the side, and write a reason for each number, until you run out of reasons.

This should be easy for you, whatever your reasons. Don’t sensor yourself. Just list reasons.

  • Once you’re done, I’d like you to re-read your list over a couple of times.  Then, when you’re comfortable with your answers, I’d like you to put a priority number next to each reason. Prioritize your reasons from MOST Important to LEAST important.

Are you clear about your list now?

  • Does anything jump out at you, either on the negative or positive side of wanting to write a book?
  • Does anything jump out at you about why you may find it difficult to want to write your book? Yes? What are they? No? Do you think you could check your priorities and try again?

  • Be very honest with your answers and how you list your priorities.
  • Do any of the reasons excite you? Scare you?

Let’s talk about them. E-mail me your top ten reasons, in priority order.  You can contact me via email to discuss your results, if you'd like. We can put our heads together and find the right Creative Writing Course for you. 

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  • Ten Things I Learned About Becoming an Independent Author

 I’m so excited to see what you’ve written! Did you answer the question, Why do You Want to Write?

And the answer is ....... ?

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