Benefits of Hiring Your Writing Coach

If you would like to hire Your Writing Coach for personal, one-on-one consulting to help you become a better writer and receive the following benefits, then Your Writing Coach is just for you.

Benefits of Hiring Your Writing Coach:

Complete Coaching Package (includes all benefits stated above): As your Writing Coach, I will provide you with the following in your writing sessions:

1. detailed and honest critiques

2. access to writers' resources

3. written evaluation of skills

4. achievable goal setting

5. writing exercises to help strengthen technical skills

6. writing exercises to improve the mechanics of your writing

7. references to magazine articles and books specific to your individual needs

8. assistance to complete your writing project

9. mini workshops targeted just for you

10. ability to overcome challenges that interfere with your writing progress

If you could benefit from this kind of help with your writing, then contact me at

I have a Writing Agreement that we can review and modify based upon your needs

Ask for the Your Writing Coach Services Menu for a COMPLETE list of all available services and fees

My fees are not usually set in stone and can be negotiated for a good reason. A VERY good reason.

Still Unsure?

Don't know if I'm the right Writing Coach for you? How about a free (FREE!!) session to get to know each other? Will that work for you? You will fill out a Writing Coach assessment and we will create your goals and decide what skills to work on from there. This FREE session includes one phone call and one exercise. It will help us get to know each other and see how we work together.

I have over 35 years writing experience. I want to help you in whatever way I can be a success. You deserve it!

Great. Contact me and we'll set up a time to get to know each other and go from there.

Hope to speak with you soon.

Contact me at


Have you talked to me and you're still not sure. I'll give you more chances.Why? Because I want you to know how good I really am, and how good you could possibly be.


Seriously, if you got to know me, and worked with me, you'd see that I'm worth the time and effort it takes to become a great writer. Just go back and read the testimonials.

Whatever your situation, I'm sure we can work out some kind of deal that benefits both of us.

That's my rock bottom deal.

You want to learn. I want to teach.

Can't get any easier.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment.