Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Give Me 250 - Silent Scene

Let's celebrate our writing. Your Writing Coach has the "Give me 250 on Wednesdays" prompt. Every Wednesday I will give you a prompt and all you have to do is give me 250 words on whatever pops into your head about the prompt. It can be a draft or a final revision. Just give me the 250 words you want to share. Post the 250 words on your blog. Celebrate your writing!

Then, when you are finished, link your permalink post here and discover what others have posted for their 250. Share this link with your Twitter friends and Facebook friends. Share away. Just celebrate and share. Use the hashtag #250Wednesday on Twitter.

Only one rule: Encourage the person who linked before you. It's important that we all have validation for our writing. Encouragement is important. Validate another's writing; be supportive, just like you'd want someone to validate yours.

Invite your friends to join in the fun. What can you write in 250 words with our prompts?

This prompt will stay up for your writing pleasure for one week, Wednesday until Tuesday. Then, the prompt changes.

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3/20/13 Prompt - Silent Scene

Today's prompt is all about silence. Write a "silent scene" in your fiction. Create a powerful scene between two characters without using any dialogue.

Have fun with this. Did you enjoy the writing prompt?


  1. Hey, this could be fun.. 250 words? hmm, lemme think.

  2. I want to visit others who wrote on the same topic, but I don't see the links that are before mine or after mine. I hope that I linked up in the right place, hmm.

    1. Hi. You linked up to the right place. This is a new prompt that is still finding its feet in the blog community. I hope you will pass it along to your friends so we can get more participants. In the meantime, thank you for posting and I hope you enjoyed the prompt.

  3. I truly enjoyed the prompt. For me, writing on this prompt was a lot of fun. Thanks for all of the writing tips that you share on this blog.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you like them. I hope you find them useful.


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