Saturday, July 20, 2013

Grammarly - A Review & Giveaway

"Grammarly is an online tool that corrects and explains those pesky grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes that are bound to find their way into your first draft. Think of us as that second pair of eyes that can spare you the frustrating cost of hiring a proofreader. Our algorithm catches around ten times more errors than leading word processing software and is trusted by three million users."

Using Grammarly is simple enough. You open your account. Paste your text into the blank document. Then, select a paper type or it defaults to "creative". Next, you press the "Start Review" button and it begins processing your text. Depending on the length of the text you pasted into the document it could return with a report in less than a minute or a few minutes. 

It highlights each section of your document with the "incorrect" text and returns with an explanation (short or long) with examples of use or misuse and sometimes an option to fix the text with the suggested correction. Once you've resolved that issue or ignored it you can click "Next" to continue through your document. 

If you have questions about a suggested fix to your text, you have the opportunity to ask a community of other Grammarly users.

The application will tell you how many issues were found and give you a score out of 100. It tracks this information in the "Dashboard" section of your account. 

There is a summary you can review and you can save and or print your report. 

I used Grammarly to test it on a recent short story I wrote that I submitted to a contest. It didn't win, unfortunately, but using Grammarly told me that there were at least 5 issues with my story and how to fix them. Maybe if I had used Grammarly before submitting, I might have had different results with the contest.

This application really gets to the nitty gritty of proofreading. I'd suggest you take a look at it and see if it would work for you.

I'd like to give you the opportunity to try Grammarly yourself for free. The first five people to comment receive a FREE 3-month premium account of Grammarly.