Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Five Minute Exercise - Change

1. Set your clocks/timers for Five (5) Minutes.

2. Write about Change. Do you embrace change or avoid it? Does your writing benefit from unpredictability that life presents? Write about the changes in your life that turned out to be beneficial to your spirit?

Get into as much detail as you can for the next five minutes.

3. Ready?

4. Go.

5. Finished? Review and be amazed.

I hope you had fun. Come back next Friday for a new writing prompt.

Was this exercise helpful?

Did you succeed with this writing exercise? Was it helpful? Did you discover if you liked or disliked change? Did you determine if your writing benefits from the change thrown at us from our world? Were you able to write about a change in your life that turned out to be beneficial to your spirit?

Why or Why Not?

1 comment:

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