Monday, December 30, 2013

What are your Writing Goals for 2014?

It's that time of year.

Making resolutions. Yep, you know, every year you swear you won't make any resolutions but as the year winds down, you crumble and start your list.

1. Lose weight
2. Be nicer
3. Find more time to spend with my friends
4. Spend more time with my kids
5. Start that novel

.... whoa, wait a minute there.

Start a novel? Or, maybe it's "finish your novel", or "get your novel published" or any of a combination of something to do with writing a book.

What's the problem here?


Not enough time?

No real dedicated writing space in your life?

Haven't done the research you need to do?

Or .... you tell me, what is your reason?

I'm serious, I want to know. Because, you know what? I can help you with it.

Honest and truly. I can help you with whatever your reason is for not writing or completing your writing goals.

I love to help writers. I love to help writers meet their goals. When writers meet their goals with my help it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I get a sense of pride and joy that doesn't exceed whatever I could do myself.


Because I've helped you find that great writer inside of you and helped you release it to the world. I truly believe it's a shame that great writers should be hidden away because of excuses.

So, are you having trouble meeting your writing goals?

Do you start a writing project and not finish it?

Do you need to work on the mechanics of your writing, such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.?

Are you looking to develop more realist characters, stronger conflict and  plot, and correct point of view?

Could you benefit from a writing coach who will provide honest and insightful feedback?

What were you answers?

Did you say "yes"?

We can work together. I can help you find out what you need to get that book finished or started or even researched.

Together we can achieve your goals.

I can provide you with exercises that will help you strengthen your technical skills.

Do you need references to magazines, websites, or books specific to your needs? I know where to find them.

Best of all, I can provide you with the ability to overcome any challenges you face that interfere with your writing progress.

Have you attempted to write and publish? Did you get minimal results? Are you now going to write for the "fun" of it now, instead of for the money? Is that your reasoning for not pursuing  success?


Do you know that you can have fun writing and be successful too?

Yep, it's true.

Just ask me and I'll point you in the direction of half-a-dozen writers off the top of my head who are hugely successful and have fun at the same time. They've made it happen, so can you.

So, let's see where to start when creating your writing goals.

First, make a list of all writing activities you want to do. That includes research, reading books about writing, and reading blogs about writing.

Don't stop until you've listed everything in your memory. Then, peruse your desk and look for all the sticky notes with reminders about things you wanted to accomplish. Find them all. Even the one under that book over on the right corner.

Got them all, now?

Now, read over your long list. Then think carefully before you do this next part.

Give each one a priority number. Every single one.

What is number one? What is number 10? What is last?

Look at numbers 1-5. Do you really want to accomplish your goals? Are you totally serious? Then, don't want anymore. E-mail me at

We'll sort through your goals and help find the ones that you need to work on and we'll find projects for you to do to complete those goals.

We also have writing challenges. Need to focus on a particular challenge? We have them all here. Don't see a challenge you'd really like to do? Suggest it to  The next time you look at the challenges page, it just might be there, with a thank you for you!

Looking forward to helping you make 2014 a successful writing year.

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