Monday, March 10, 2014

I Love Writing This Much!

I saw this image and it made me smile. There isn’t anything that makes my heart sing more than when I’m writing. Sometimes, the topic matters. Sometimes, not.  I can be dispensing writing advice. I can be writing about writing, or I can be writing about my faith.

Writing about writing is what I like to do best.

  1. It is fun to do.
  2. It helps other writers.
  3. It is fun to do. Oh, I said that already. Well it is! 

How much do you love writing?

Is it fun to sit down to a blank screen or sheet of paper and just start writing and let the words flow?

Or, do you struggle and strain to get out a topic sentence and see where you can go from there?

Do you dispense garbage on your page and then clean it up afterward? Or is every word carefully placed so that there is no need to edit?

What is your editing style?

Are you an outliner or a punster? Do you write from an outline, knowing that each word is going to be followed by another that you’ve already pre-destined to happen? Or , do you just start typing and see where it takes you?

Which way makes you love writing more?

I know of writers who would say that without an outline they’d be lost. I also know of writers who say that they just start typing and wherever it leads them, that’s where they’re meant to go.

I’d like you to tell me what makes you love or hate writing?

Start the list …. Here:

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