Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Five Minute Exercise - Fate

1. Set your clocks/timers for Five (5) Minutes.

2. Write about Fate. Do you believe in fate -- that power which is thought to determine one's future? Does fate play a role in your success or failure as a writer?

Get into as much detail as you can for the next five minutes.

3. Ready?

4. Go.

5. Finished? Review and be amazed.

I hope you had fun. Come back next Friday for a new writing prompt.

Was this exercise helpful?

Did you succeed with this writing exercise? Was it helpful? Did you come to terms whether or not you believe in fate? Did you determine if fate played a role in your career as a writer? If you do not believe in fate, what do you believe in? Was this exercise helpful? Did you enjoy it?

Why or Why Not?

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