Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Writing Prompt - Love Scenes

Here we are, it's Friday again and time for the Friday Writing  Prompt. Today we are going to go with a "Love Scenes " prompt. Use the following "Love Scenes" prompt to stimulate those writing juices and maybe even come up with a story?

This is a LOVE SCENE not a SEX SCENE. That's EROTICA. We're not going there. What I'm trying to lead you to do is show (not tell) how two people express their love for each other through intimate words and action.


"Write a love scene that demonstrates two people expressing their love and adoration for each other. Make sure the scene includes dialogue and action. Use an experience from your own life as inspiration or make on up."

Did this prompt help you? Why or why not? Were you able come up with a response for the prompt? Did you use something from your own life as inspiration or did you make something up? Did you remember to use dialogue and action? Did you remember to "Show" not "Tell" when creating your story?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Writing!

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