Monday, June 3, 2013

Writing Tips - 11 Composition Principles

From Gotham Writers' Workshop Inc. comes 11 Composition Principles from the authors of The Elements of Style from which comes the wisdom of the Elementary Principles of Composition.

1. Choose a suitable design and stick to it.

2. Make the paragraph the unit of composition.

3. Use the active voice.

4. Put statements in positive form.

5. Use definite, specific, concrete language.

6. Omit needless words.

7. Avoid a succession of loose sentences.

8. Express coordinate ideas in similar form.

9. Keep related words together.

10. In summaries, keep to one tense.

11. Place the emphatic words of a sentence at the end.

An excellent source of writing tips. We'll visit this tiny book again.


  1. Leaving out unnecessary words is probably my biggest challenge when I write!-Ashley

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