Monday, June 10, 2013

Writing Tips - 5 Essentials for the Betterment of a Story

From Gotham Writers' Workshop Inc. comes the following advice from Edgar Allan Poe for bettering a story. *

1. Employ an unreliable narrator, preferably one who doesn't know he is insane and has no recollection of such events as digging into a grave to rip out the teeth of his recently departed lover.

2. Include a beautiful woman with raven locks and porcelain skin, preferably quite young, and let her die tragically of some unknown ailment.

3. Use grandiloquent words, such as heretofore, forthwith, and nevermore. A little Latin will also enhance the text.

4. Do not shy away from such grotesqueries as inebriation, imprisonment, insanity, and men costumed as orangutans being burned to death.

5. When in doubt, bury someone alive.

* Poe didn't really compose this advice, but, as he was fond of a good hoax, he should be pleased by this affectionate charade.


  1. Happy SITS Day! I really loved this one, even if it wasn't actually written by Poe. I even read it out to my husband!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I hope you come back and visit again. Have a blessed day!


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