Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Writing Challenges: Day 3 - Imaginative Composition

August. The summer is nearly over. Kids are going back to school. You now have some time on your hands.  Okay, you still have a list of chores a mile long, but let's put writing at the top of the priority list, okay?

I am going to challenge you with a writing prompt every day this month. Are you up for it? I hope so.

The writing challenges will be about a variety of topics and hopefully cause you to dig into your writing toolbox to complete with emotional skill.

Watch out, I just might throw in a fun one, well, just for fun!

For the third challenge we're really going to discover how creative you can be with a basic composition:

Here is your challenge:

Write a composition on the subject "My Pet." The only requirement is that this must be a pet you have never owned. It can be anything from a kitten to a dinosaur, from a fly to a dragon. Describe what your pet looks like, how you acquired it, what it eats and where it sleeps, what tricks it can do, how it gets on with your family, friends, neighbors, and/or the people at work.

Are you a pet lover? What are your motives for keeping a pet? Some people keep a pet for protection, need for affection, aesthetic pleasure, parental feeling, sadistic impulses.

What is the function of the pet in your writing challenge?

It has been said that some pets resemble their owners, either physically or emotionally.

Is the pet in your composition like or unlike its owner and how?

These are my pets. An American Eskimo dog named Jack (Jack Frost) and a Sun Conure parrot named Bailey.

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