Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Five Minute Exercise - Nobility

1. Set your clocks/timers for Five (5) Minutes.

2. Write about Nobility. Write about the noble traits that are so often ignored with roles. Do the terms dignified, distinguished, virtuous, majestic, aristocratic, honest, illustrious, and so on - make you think of a man or woman - or both? How often do you use certain words to describe the character of men and women? When you write, try to describe a glorious woman. Can you use words such as distinguished and dignified to describe a noble woman appropriately?

Get into as much detail as you can for the next five minutes.

3. Ready?

4. Go.

5. Finished? Review and be amazed.

I hope you had fun. Come back next Friday for a new writing prompt.

Was this exercise helpful?

Did you succeed with this writing exercise? Was it helpful? Were you able to find and write about a noble woman using words like distinguished and dignified? Did you challenge your beliefs about what words describe male and female characters? Did you discover noble traits often ignored?

Why or Why Not?