Monday, January 13, 2014

Are You Tired of Hearing About Goals?

It’s all around us. You can’t open your e-mail without someone sending you something about setting a goal.

It can be losing weight.

Gaining weight.

Stop smoking.

Get a job.

Setting Blogging Goals.

Setting Parenting Goals.

Learn how to unclutter your life with these goals.


I’m over it. Totally. Absolutely. Beyond any doubt. I’m over it.

I am bombarded on a daily basis with e-mails telling me I’m too fat, too skinny (Ha!), to unorganized, too lenient, too whatever, and I need to call a halt.


What about you? Are you tired of hearing about all the goals we must set for ourselves this year? Or are you one of the ones who is sending out messages to your followers, telling them to set goals. They must set goals. You must set goals.


Maybe it’s because I just had a Bipolar episode recently, and I’m still sensitive and fragile from it. It was a scary episode. I heard some news that actually triggered an episode. It lasted nearly a week, and I’m still not quite over it. I haven’t gained all my mental and emotional strength back yet. I was inconsolable. Totally. And what was worse, the bad voices came back and were screaming at me that I was worthless, I had no value, I was a mistake, and I had no purpose in planning a business.  This, while I’m trying to get Your Writing Coach off the ground. 

It was devastating. And, worse? Could there really be a worse? Yes, there can. My doctor prescribed medication to get rid of the voices. I was to take it three times a day. That first day, I began having reactions to it. Not the right kind either. I had uncontrollable limb flailing. Yep, arms and legs flailing about with no control. It was about the scariest moment I’ve ever had. I had no control over what my hands, arms, and legs were going to do.

I e-mailed my psychiatrist and told him about the severe reactions and he had me stop the medication immediately. Whoa. After I stopped taking it, it was like a miracle. The reactions stopped as well.


So, that could be the reason I’m so sensitive to being bombarded with something over and over again.

So, I apologize to anyone I may have offended when I said I wanted you stop sending out your goal messages.

It’s not you. It’s me.

Ha. We’ve heard that line before, eh? Any relationship that went over the giant falls has had someone say that to the other person.

In this case, I think it really is me. And, please, don’t break up with me.  I still want you as a reader and you can send me anything you want and I’ll enjoy it.

I wanted to be totally honest with you about how I felt and the reasons behind it. I don’t ever want to hide having Bipolar Disorder from anyone. It’s something I live with and deal with and take medication for to control it.

Most of the time I am stable and or somewhat stable. I haven’t had such a serious episode like the one I recently had since March of last year. Pretty good track record for me.

If it weren’t for the help of my immediate support team, I wouldn’t have come out of it as quickly (yeah a week is pretty quick) and with as little damage as I did.

Keeping up with all my blogs and projects is very important to me. I try to stay at least one week ahead of my blogs so I have some leeway. I used to be two or three weeks ahead, but the holidays messed that up. I have to catch up again.

To me, blogging is very important. I need the outlet. I want to give important writing information to you, my readers. Today was supposed to be a Writing Tip, however that kind of messed up with me ranting about goals.

But, I think we can still turn it over into a tip about writing. Don’t be less than you are when it comes to your writing. Be as authentic as you can be. You have to be true to yourself, above all else. So, that’s my writing tip for you today. Find your voice, find your authentic self, and write as real as you can for the real person you are. Don’t hide from your reality. Be fair and truthful. Let the you that is most genuine shine through, always.

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