Monday, August 25, 2014

You're Special: Use it in your Writing

I know that you've heard the old adage "Write what you know," am I right? If that were really true, only serial killers would be writing thrillers and such, but it's not, so some of us have to to research and write outside out comfort zone.

However, we all have some special knowledge and experience that we can work into our fiction. It's a definite advantage to us and we can make it interesting to our readers. And, best of all it gives us a great credibility with our publishers and the public. You are unique.

So, what do you know?
Even if you haven't worked in any important or interesting field, don't think that you don't have material you can draw from. Use some time now to make a list of what experience you have and what you've learned.

  • experiences you have lived
  • places you have lived
  • friends you have made
  • hobbies
  • times in school
  • jobs you've held
  • volunteer work
  • places you've visited
  • romantic relationships
  • experiences as parent, aunt, uncle, or godparent, or grandparent
  • health background
It's important to remember to use your expertise, but don't overuse it. Don't let your expertise become overwhelming.

Always sprinkle in interesting facts that wouldn't otherwise be known to crease a sense or realism among the characters and in the setting. It will let the reader know that they are right in the middle of the author's world.

What special gifts do you offer the world?

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Reference by:
Your Writing Coach by Jurgen Wolff

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